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  • Express It

    What just happened? Express your thoughts, photos, videos and voice notes directly to the world using this quick and simple application. Express It is the new way to catch the world's attention by sharing what's happening around you and others. You can even share to Facebook and Twitter.

    It's not just any other social application where you have to follow a million people to share something exciting. What's unique? connect effortlessly with millions of unknown users and reach out to them faster than any other portal.

    Did you just spot a celebrity? Or even better, a UFO? Be it exciting or frightening - Let the world find out here.

  • Explore

    Have you ever wondered what happens around the world every second? Find out here! Our Explore feature lets you search through countries and cities to view what people have to say in their region. Explore views of people from different cultures and stay updated with the world.

    The next time something extraordinary happens 10,000 miles away from you, be the first one to find out!

  • My World

    Create your own world! A world only for you and your interests. No need to be friends, just add other users to your world and enjoy reading their posts, viewing their photos and get a kick out of their videos and voice notes. Stay interesting so that other users will want to add you to their world.

    Start Expressing Without Second Guessing!